Bulletin Board

Leominster.TV Community Bulletin Board Policies and Regulations

General Information

The Leominster.TV Community Bulletin Board is available for the purpose of promoting community events, and providing public service information. As a non-profit public access cable channel, the content of the messages must be non-commercial. Leominster.TV cablecasts the Electronic Community Bulletin Board on the Public, Education, and Government Channels between programs. Each message runs 10 to 15 seconds, and the entire system repeats approximately every 10 minutes. While Leominster.TV will attempt to honor requests for scheduling, final determination is at the discretion of Leominster.TV. Bulletin Board users must acknowledge responsibility for the content of the listing.

  1. We reserve the right to edit the content of announcements as well as accept or decline a request for an announcement.
  2. No profit-oriented announcements please.
  3. No anonymous submissions, please!

Who Can Use the Electronic Community Bulletin Board

Any individual or group may submit messages which promote or publicize an event that is open to the public, in accordance with the policies that follow:

Non-Profit Groups:

  • May promote events that are open to the public and are free.
  • May promote events that are open to the public and for which a fee is charged, assuming fees collected benefit the non-profit. Fund raising events for 501 (c)(3) organizations qualify.
  • Sorry, but postings of schedules of religious services are not allowed on the Community Bulletin Board

For-Profit Groups or Individuals:

  • May promote events that are open to the public and are free.
  • May not submit messages which promote an event that requires or requests entrance fees, or promotes the purchase of products or services. Fund raising for commercial, for-profit groups is prohibited on public access channels.

Candidates for Political Office:

May promote events that are open to the public and for which a “suggested donation” is secured, i.e. campaign fund raisers. This type of bulletin will only appear on the Leominster Government Channel Bulletin Board. (There is no control of the frequency or time that each bulletin appears therefore there is no “equal time” policy allowed on this bulletin board.)


Messages should be submitted two weeks prior to the date the message should be posted on the Community Bulletin Board. Leominster.TV cannot promise or guarantee that messages will be posted any sooner than one week from the submission date.

Approval and Priority

Messages submitted are subject to approval based on the criteria presented above. Advance approvals cannot be guaranteed over the phone; the entire text message must be submitted in person or E-mail for submission and/or for final approval.
At those times when messages submitted exceed our capacity, priority will be given to those messages that come from local organizations, and to events that are date specific, as opposed to general interest messages.

Message Format

Due to limited space, messages are limited to one bulletin board screen only, per message or event.
The Leominster.TV Bulletin Board can accommodate announcements in foreign languages.
All foreign language announcements must be submitted in the foreign language and in English for Leominster.TV files.
Organizations or individuals may submit messages verbatim, or in the form of a flyer or press release, hand written, typed, or graphically designed. Leominster.TV may edit and will format the message. The message should simply state the basics:

  • What
  • When (date and time)
  • Where
  • Who (sponsoring organization)


Leominster.TV Guidelines for Posting Bulletin Requests

  • Messages are limited to one bulletin board screen only.
  • For readability, 50 words or less… please.
  • Please supply us with who, what, when, where.
  • No anonymous submissions!
  • No profit-oriented announcements.
  • Notices must be received at least 2 weeks prior to and no earlier than 45 days of the event.
  • Please include a contact name and phone number.
  • We reserve the right to edit content of announcements and accept or decline requests for an announcement.

Please submit test in either txt, doc or rtf format via e-mail (no fax unless absolutley necessary)
If you design your own page……

  1. It should be created as landscape aspect ratio (4X3) for correct display on television.
  2. Please submit in one of the following picture formats: pdf, jpg, tif, pgn, bmp.
  3. And again……Don’t make text too small – try to stick to 50 words or less.


Phone number for more information

Indicate if a fee is required/requested

A calendar of events (multiple dates for multiple events) is generally not acceptable due to space constraints. Also, a single submission (a press release, a newsletter, etc.) containing multiple events on multiple dates cannot be kept on file by Leominster.TV for periodic updating of the organization’s message(s). Individual events on specific dates must be submitted separately.

Please mail or deliver messages to:
Leominster Access Television
Community Bulletin Board
20 Litchfield Street
Leominster, MA 01453
978-537-9220 (fax)
events@Leominster.tv (email)

Email is the preferred contact medium.

Violation of Leominster.TV guidelines and/or making false or misleading statements in any Leominster.TV document or to an Leominster.TV employee may subject the user to immediate forfeiture of the privilege of using Leominster.TV channels. Leominster.TV channels will not be made available to any user who refuses to have his/her identity maintained in the records and available for public inspection as required by law. Your announcement may not include any material that violates any Federal, State, or Local law, including, but not limited to, gambling, obscenity, and pornography.
Users of Leominster.TV are fully responsible and liable for all material submitted by the user for cablcasting on these channels. All users submitting material for cablecast shall agree, as a condition of the cablecast, to hold harmless Leominster.TV, its Directors, Officers, Employees, and its agents from all claims, suites, actions, loss, liability and damage, including, but not limited to attorney’s fees and costs, arising out of, or caused by the cablecast of the user’s submission, including, but not limited to, libel, slander, invasion of privacy or public rights, unauthorized use of copyright material or non-compliance with any applicable local, State, or Federal laws. Submitting the application is an acknowledgement that the user accepts full responsibility for the total content of their material to be cablecast including obtaining all copyright clearances, talent releases, other clearances, rights or licenses involved in the user’s programming and that the user agrees to the forgoing.

For your convenience, an online bulletin board submission form is coming soon.