About Leominster.TV

The Leominster Telecommunications Corporation Inc. (LTC) is an independent non-profit 501(C)(3) organization. The LTC operates Leominster Access Television (Leominster.TV) which oversees the PEG (public, educational and government) access channels on the cable television system in Leominster, Massachusetts.

As part of this responsibility Leominster.TV will provide:

  1. Access to production resources, and production equipment.
  2. Training and technical assistance in the use of cable television production equipment.
  3. Cable broadcast time on the public access, educational and governmental access channels.

Our Mission

To provide all citizens and institutions located in Leominster with the equipment, training, and cable broadcast time to realize their potential in the medium of cable television; and at the same time, encouraging and empowering the individual, and the community by ensuring First Amendment expression through the utilization of television technology.

Leominster.TV is actively involved with the restoration and preservation of all still images, moving images, and sound recordings of the Central Massachusetts area. With the cooperation and assistance of other historical preservation groups, we are creating a regional media archive and preservation center to catalogue, and provide a means of access to these valuable historical resources. Individual and institutional researchers and scholars will be able to utilize this collection for research and educational purposes deemed appropriate by the directors of Leominster.TV.