Our Staff

Scott Kurland

Executive Director

Scott Kurland has been working in Community Access Television for the past two decades. He started his career in production at the age of 13 working as a PA for Chelmsford Telemedia in 1999. From there Scott went on to attend film school at Fitchburg State University, majoring in Communications Media with a concentration in Film/Video Production. Scott’s resumé includes working at ”The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” for Comedy Central/Viacom in New York City. In 2010, Scott left New York and network television to go back to where he got his start, community access television. For the last decade Scott has worked for various stations across Massachusetts. Some of the station he’s worked for include WCAT in Wakefield, WCTV in Wilmington, and most recently APAC in Ayer. Scott is happy to be here serving Leominster as the Executive Director of LTV. Contact Scott if you have any interest in doing a show, becoming an underwriter, or want to become an LTV sponsor.

Bradley Bedard

Technical & Media Coordinator

Bradley's career in video production began when his high school A/V teacher recommended he reach out to LTV to volunteer. A few weeks later, Bradley was a part of LTV's incredible Friday night football crew, followed by being offered a part time job at the station through college. Bradley was an integral part of the sports crew from that point on, until he was promoted to the position of Sports Director and brought on as staff full time.

Bradley attended Fitchburg State University for Communications Media with a concentration in Film and Video Production. While there, he spearheaded the University's efforts to expand its sports media program, the Falcon Sports Network, laying the groundwork for future students to carry the program forward.

In his tenure at LTV, Bradley has produced a number of documentaries and video essays, directed and produced hundreds of sports broadcasts, and been a regular crew member on Inside Leominster, the weekly show produced by Leominster's mayor through the facilities of LTV. In 2023, Bradley was named Technical & Media Coordinator, a position through which he plans to strengthen the station's connection with the citizens of Leominster and develop the next generation of engaging, local content.

Keith Diperri

Production Coordinator

Keith Diperri has been working with Leominster Television since 2018. He got started with video production thanks to a camp that was held the summer before his freshman year of high school. He had always loved storytelling and discovering video production provided an outlet that was different from anything he had tried before. After taking every film/video elective available during his high school career, he went on to attend film school at Fitchburg State University, majoring in Communications Media with a concentration in Film/Video Production. The final student film he worked on as lead editor took second place in the Independent Film Festival of Boston Student Shorts Showcase.

Robert Peppler

Broadcast and Bulletin Scheduling, Training, Membership

Robert has enjoyed being a staff member at LTV for a number of years now. He studied Film Production and has a bachelor of Arts degree from Penn State University. Robert has many varied interests/hobbies (“too many,” says his wife) ranging from Computer graphics/animation, the Titanic, wood working and miniatures to keep him distracted from the problems of production when he is not at LTV.

Jack Celli

Preservation Specialist

Jack is the longest-serving staff member here at LTV. Since the inception of the organization alongside founder Carl Piermarini, Jack has had a hand in virtually every aspect of LTV over the years including film, video, sports, archival, and on-camera talent. He also produced three Telly Award-winning music specials.

Most recently, Jack has served as Preservation Specialist. You know that stack of old tapes or film reels that existed long before you were born and you don't know what's on them but you swear you'll deal with them at some point, just not right now? That's where Jack comes in. He takes a memory, a piece of history, and preserves it in a modern format for posterity. We have no idea how he does what he does, but we know he does so fueled solely by tuna and black coffee.

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