Leominster Access Television

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Membership Information

Residents of Leominster, as well as organizations and institutions affiliated with the city and those affiliated with such organizations are welcomed and encouraged to use these resources. In order to gain access to production resources and training a person must become a member by:

a.) Showing proof of Leominster residency; working or attending any school in Leominster; affiliation with an organization serving Leominster. (All members must be directly affiliated with the Leominster branch/chapter in the case of regional, state or national organizations.)

b.) Complete a membership application.

c.) Pay the current membership fee. The fee is waived for educational and governmental organizations when programming involves those organizations.

Membership fee is $25.00 for Leominster residents. For senior citizens, veterans and students under 18 years of age, the membership fee is $10.00 per year. Members age 18 and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while using the facilities of Leominster Access Television.

Orientation and training program must be completed and fees paid before members are allowed access to Leominster.TV facilities and equipment. Memberships run on a calendar year basis. The annual membership application and fees for continuing members are due on or no later than January 1st of the calendar year to remain in good standing. New memberships will not be prorated by date of membership.

For those with no affiliation with Leominster, but wishing to become a member of Leominster.TV for broadcast purposes, the membership fee is $50.00 per year. However, Leominster affiliated members have priority in receiving broadcast slot availability, scheduling times and numbering of showings, which are scheduled and decided by Leominster.TV staff.


Leominster.TV Training Classes

We are proud to offer the Leominster community a variety of classes to teach you about television. Whether you want to create your own television program, help somebody with theirs, or just learn how television is produced, we can show you how it's done!

Classes are FREE with your annual membership!

If you're new to Leominster.TV, then we require you to take the Basic Production Workshop before you may take out equipment, then you may take any or all of the other classes at your own pace!
Leominster.TV’s training program is now geared toward helping people develop specific projects. When a member asks for training, we ask what they want to do. We then arrange for training on a one-to-one basis if possible, in those specific areas that are currently most important to their project development. We want them to be developing a project or training to help another producer with a production.

We believe that people will be more successful if they receive training that is relevant to something they are committed to doing. To that end, we won’t schedule folks into a training class unless it is something they really need to complete a project they’ve started or to train as a crew member for another producer. In other words, we won’t register you for that edit class if what you really need is training in the studio.

Classes currently available are as follows:

»For more information, please call Robert at 978-537-7760 ext. 108 or email training@leominster.tv

For more information, please call Kenny at 978-537-7760
or email:training@Leominster.tv

The Leominster.TV Handbook


Please note this is an abridged version of our complete Policies and Regulations which is available at the studio or in the PDF below.






1. Who can be a member?
If you live, work, own property, or go to school in Leominster, you are automatically eligible to become a member of Leominster.TV!
If you belong to a club or group that serves Leominster or you have experience in Television production, you may apply for limited membership.
2. What does it cost?
There are two types of memberships. A Production Membership Membership fee is $25.00 for Leominster residents. For senior citizens, veterans and students under 18 years of age, the membership fee is $10.00 per year.
3. How do I sign up?
To be considered a member you must fill out a "Membership Application" form available at Leominster.TV or on our website. If you're under 18, you must also have a parent or guardian sign a "Parental Disclosure and Responsibility Agreement."
4. What kind of training is available?
We offer training classes in cameras, tripods, microphones, lighting, audio, graphics, editing, studio and more. You must register for these classes, which, for now are scheduled on an "as needed" basis. These classes may be one-on-one or you may be grouped with other members for a training session.
5. Do I have to take the classes?
Yes, all members must complete a few basic classes to be able to borrow equipment. Some equipment may require more than one class for you to be able to borrow it, while other equipment (such as VHS / consumer DV cameras and most microphones) may be borrowed after completing just the first class.
If you have formal training from another access center or school you may arrange for a meeting with a staff member where you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge. That staff member may excuse you from certain classes. .
6. Does the City own Leominster.TV?
No, Leominster.TV is an independent non-profit organization overseen by a volunteer board of directors.
7. Where does the money come from?
The cable company must negotiate with the City in order to be able to conduct business in Leominster and use the telephone poles to hang their wires. The law allows cities to negotiate a percentage of the cable company's revenue to be used for public access television. Leominster.TV is supported by a small percentage of cable company revenue.


Leominster.TV maintains a collection of professional and semi-professional equipment that is available to be checked out by qualified members. Members must obey the following rules:
1. Equipment must be reserved at least one day in advance and is given out on a first-come first-served basis. We strongly encourage calling us as soon as you know you will need equipment, but not more than 3 weeks in advance.
2. You must complete and sign an "Leominster.TV Portable Equipment Checkout" form.
3. Equipment can only be checked out for 2 days each week. There are dozens of people using our equipment so you must only check it out for the time you actually need it.
4. When reserving equipment, you must provide a day and time for pickup as well as a day and time for return. Remember, other people are counting on using this equipment so it is very important that you stick to your pickup and drop-off times.
Failure to pick up the equipment on time may result in your losing your reservation. Also, failure to return equipment on time may result in temporary loss of privileges.
5. Leominster.TV staff will determine the amount of equipment necessary for your production so we may better serve all of our members.
6. Before you leave, make sure everything is there because you will be responsible for it all when you return.


Now that you have the equipment, you must use it responsibly! Members must obey the following rules:
1. Never leave equipment unattended!
2. When using a tripod, always make sure someone is standing next to it.
3. Never leave equipment in your car! If you do and it is stolen our insurance will not cover it and you will be responsible for replacement.
4. Never use equipment outdoors unprotected in the rain or snow.
5. If equipment is stolen, report it to the police in the city or town you are in immediately. You must get a police report and give us a copy. If we have a police report we can file a claim with our insurance company and you will only be responsible for the deductible (a few hundred dollars.) Without the Police report, you will be responsible for the entire cost of replacing the equipment (possibly several thousand dollars!)
6. Above all, treat is as if it were your own equipment!
7. Any videotape stock needed for productions can be purchased from Leominster.TV, but it must be paid for at the point of sale. No IOU's.
8. Equipment can only be used to produce programming that will be broadcast on Leominster.TV. For instance, equipment can not be used to videotape your cousin's wedding or your sister's speech class project for school. That is of course unless those are a part of a program that you are producing with the intention of broadcasting on Leominster.TV.


1. Equipment must be returned on time! If you expect to be more than 20 minutes late, call us immediately to let us know.
2. When returning equipment, only give it to an Leominster.TV staff member. Do not leave the equipment in the hallway, a room, or with someone you do not believe to be a staff member. Remember, you are responsible for the equipment until it is safely returned to us and the "Leominster.TV Portable Equipment Checkout" form is checked and signed by a staff member.
3. If you do not get approval to keep equipment longer than the original reservation, you will be fined $5 for each day you are late.
4. If any equipment is broken or does not function property, you must tell Leominster.TV staff immediately so that we can make notes as to specific problems for repair.
5. You cannot borrow more equipment until previously checked out equipment is returned.
6. Remember, you are responsible for ALL equipment loaned to you!


1. Notify Leominster.TV staff immediately if you suspect any equipment is not working properly.
2. Fill out an "Equipment Repair Form" and give it to a staff member.
3. You will not be charged for repair of equipment as long as it was not broken because of improper use or reckless handling. .
4. If equipment appears broken or about to break at the time of checkout, tell the staff member and ask that they make a note of it on the checkout form. This will make sure you are not held responsible when you bring it back.
5. Normal wear and tear on equipment is expected and you will not be held responsible.


1. Reservation of edit suites must be made in the same way as with equipment.
2. Non-Linear Edit Suites may be reserved for no more than 3 hour blocks at a time. You may extend your session block time into the next with the permission of LA TV staff if there are no reservations for that room after your scheduled time.
3. You may not use more than 48 hours to edit a single program. If more time is needed, you will be billed $10 for each additional hour you use.
4. Food and Drink are not allowed in edit rooms. 
5. Making copies of copyrighted tapes (professional movies, etc.) is not allowed.
6. Changing any wiring is not allowed.
7. You must cleanup after yourself.
8. Any videotape, CD or DVD stock needed for edit sessions must be purchased and paid for at the point of sale. No IOU's.
9. Members can only use the edit suites to work on projects to be broadcast on Leominster.TV. (see "equipment use" #8)
10. Member project files that sit unused/inactive on an edit suite computer for longer than 3 weeks will be automatically erased without notification.


1. Reservation of studio and control room time must be made in the same way as with equipment.
2. Any / All studio productions must be approved by Leominster.TV staff by submitting a written proposal at least two weeks prior, outlining the proposed production. This proposal must include your plans for providing a full studio crew. (a full crew includes camera people, director / switcher, audio board operator, graphics operator)
3. Live studio programming is not allowed!
4. You are responsible for finding a full crew before you will be allowed to reserve time in the studio. A list of trained volunteer crew members is available from the Executive Director. If you know someone who wants to crew your show but needs training, contact the Executive Director. On duty Leominster.TV staff can not be used as part of your crew!
5. An Leominster.TV staff member will be available at all studio productions for technical assistance if needed, but not as a dedicated crew member.
6. You must book studio time during the normal Leominster.TV hours of operation.**
7. Producers are allotted up to a 2 hour block of studio time (based on availability and including set-up and clean-up time ), not to exceed 4 hours per week. If you go over your 2 hour block of time, you will be charged a $50 fee.
** The Leominster.TV studio facility is available to members after Leominster.TV business hours at the rate of $50.00 per hour. Special arrangements must be made for this with the executive director at least 3 weeks prior to use.
8. Food and Drink are not allowed in Studio and Control Rooms.
9. You must clean up after yourself and make sure all studio gear is put away before leaving.


Time slots are given first-come first-served in the following order:
I. Leominster.TV produced specials and Leominster.TV Live programming.
II. Locally produced shows using Leominster.TV equipment.
III. Locally produced shows not using Leominster.TV equipment.
IV. Regional programming (Leominster, Lunenburg, etc.)
V. Imported programming (produced elsewhere but shown at Leominster.TV at the request of a local sponsor) Leominster.TV staff will ultimately determine when a program will air based on length and type of programming scheduled before and after requested time, appropriateness of content for requested time, playback equipment availability, and other criteria as pondered by Leominster.TV staff.


1. Members are expected to behave in a mature manner at all times, regardless of age.
2. Fighting, yelling, running, etc. are not allowed.
3. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
4. Members are not allowed to "hang around." You are encouraged to come to Leominster.TV, but only if you have something Leominster.TV-related to do.
5. Harassment or unwelcome contact (physical or otherwise) with other members or staff is not allowed.
6. Members are not allowed to use the phone or internet without permission from Leominster.TV staff.


1..Leominster.TV computers are to be used for television production and graphics only.
2. Members are not allowed to install or uninstall any programs or utilities on Leominster.TV computers.
3. Leominster.TV Staff/Office computers are off-limits.
4. Members are not allowed to access the internet through any Leominster.TV computers.
5. Computers must be turned off in the appropriate manner.
6. Computers may not be used to store, download, view or create obscene material.
7. Members are not allowed to use any e-mail messaging on Leominster.TV computers.
8. Members are not allowed to bring weapons into Leominster.TV facilities.


1. Can I use the Anycast Portable Studio?
All requests for use of the portable studio units (PSU) must be made in writing at least 2 weeks prior to event (more is preferred.) In addition to the reservation request, you must submit a written proposal outlining the intended usage of the PSU. Leominster.TV staff will decide if the PSU will be used based on availability as well as need.
2. How do you decide if the PSU will be used?
The PSU may only be used by a certified member of the Leominster.TV staff, so its availability is often determined by the availability of our staff. Also, we will not commit the PSU unless we think the show can be significantly improved by the equipment and advantages available only with the PSU.
Finally, other unique details will be considered such as location, space availability, power sources, available volunteers and their skill level, and more.


1. You may not use other people's work in your video without their consent. This includes movies, television programs, music, etc.
2. You may not have a “call to action” in your show. (i.e. “come on in and buy today” – telling people to do something; a command.) An invitation is OK, but a call to action is not and will not be aired.
3. You may not advertise any commercial (money-making) things.
4. You may not promote or hold lotteries.
5. You may not slander anyone (tell lies about them).
6. You may not ask for money.
7. You may not make money from anything you produce at Leominster.TV.
8. You may not invade other people's privacy.
9. You may not cablecast anything obscene.
10. You may not use the channels to campaign for public office.
11. You own your show and its contents, however, Leominster.TV has the right to make a copy of your show and use any part of it for promotional use.
12. You may not falsify any Leominster.TV forms.
13. You may not tell others that you are a Staff member of the Leominster.TV; nor an employee; nor a member of its board of directors.
14. Do not abuse equipment.
15. Do not steal or take equipment without staff approval.
16. Do not enter any restricted areas of the Leominster.TV building.
17. Do not verbally or physically abuse other members or any Leominster.TV staff member.
18. No smoking inside of the Leominster.TV building.
19. No alcoholic beverages allowed in Leominster.TV building.
20. No illegal drugs.
21. Do not come to Leominster.TV under the influence of any controlled substances including alcohol.
22. Leominster.TV is not responsible for lost personal effects.
23. Leominster.TV is not responsible for videotape damaged while inside or outside of Leominster.TV equipment.
24. Leominster.TV is not responsible for stolen or misplaced personal property at the facility.
25. LTV members under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times when visiting or using any of the facilities of Leominster Access Television.